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    Joint Impact of Rainfall and River Water Level on Urban Flooding: A Case Study of Wuhan City
    Study on Water and Sediment Change and Soil and Water Conservation Effect in Ningxia Section of the Upper Reaches of the Yellow River
    Study of Capillary Saturation Distribution of Unsaturated Dam Concrete in Low-Temperature Environment
    Effective Simulation of Flow Characteristics in a Constant Curved Bend with Outward Single Short-branch
    Mainstream Swing Rule and Its Driving Mechanism in the Sanguanmiao to Weitan Reach of the Lower Yellow River
    Study on Fluid-structure Coupling Damage Mechanism of Wind Power Foundation Based on Interface Data Exchange
    Analysis on Vegetation Effect of Ecological Bank Slope Protection Structure in Expansive Soil Matrix Environment
    Adaptability Evaluation of Multi-source Remote Sensing Products to Soil Moisture Retrieval in Loess Hilly and Gully Region
    Effects of Combined Application of Chemical and Organic Fertilizers on Soil Salinity and Corn Water and Fertilizer Utilization in Hetao Irrigation District
    Study on Dynamic Change of Land Use and Ecological Environment in Shandong Province
    Stochastic Dynamic Response of Isolated Structures with Tuned Mass Damper Inerter (TMDI) Under Near-fault Pulse-like Ground Motions
    Upper Limit Analysis of Tunnel Collapse Under Existing Pipe Gallery Based on Hoek-Brown Strength Parameter
    Earthquake Damage Characteristics of the Maduo Ms7.4 Earthquake in Qinghai Province
    Damage Identification of Reinforced Concrete Beams Based on Digital Image Correlation Technology
    Stability of Frozen Soil Slope System with New Thermal Anchor Based on Improved Pseudo Dynamic Method
    Experimental Study on Bending Behavior of Existing Stone Slab Strengthened with Steel Plate
    Bridge Optimal Maintenance Using the Multi-attribute Utility Assessment Method
    Experimental Study on Overall Stability of I-rib Stiffened Plate Under Compression
    Experimental Study on Bond Performance Between Steel Wire Mesh Reinforced ECC and Concrete
    Comparative Analysis of the Filling material Cost of a Metal Mine Based on the Optimized Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm