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    Latest accepted have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
    Articles in press have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes /issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
    Review of the Research Toward Freeway Unconventional Traffic Accidents
    YANG Yang, WANG Wenhui, WU Xianyu, WANG Yunpeng
    2024, 32(3): 601-626. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.001
    Abstract PDF
    Research on Influencing Factors of Right-Turn Traffic Safety at Signalized Intersections
    ZHAO Jing, HOU Chaofan, FENG Mingjie, CHEN Yong
    2024, 32(3): 627-642. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.002
    Abstract PDF
    Mixed Vehicular Platoon Control Method Considering the Safety of Lane-Change and Cut-In
    WANG Pangwei, SUN Yuanzhe, WANG Xindi, ZHANG Long, ZHANG Mingfang, LIU Jiang
    2024, 32(3): 643-665. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.003
    Abstract PDF
    Safety Trajectory Model for Bus Entering and Leaving Harbor-shaped Stops for Autonomous Driving
    ZHANG Wenhui, ZHANG Pan, YI Jing
    2024, 32(3): 666-684. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.004
    Abstract PDF
    Reliability Analysis of the Internet of Vehicles Cybersecurity Based on Stochastic Game Under Cyber-Physical Integration
    CHEN Xin, CHENG Jixiang, JIANG Luanjuan
    2024, 32(3): 685-701. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.005
    Abstract PDF
    Detection of Rock Discontinuities in Borehole Images Based on a Deep Learning Method
    LI Wei, LIU Geng, GE Yunfeng, ZHANG Zhanrong, HUANG Guoliang
    2024, 32(3): 702-720. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.006
    Abstract PDF
    An Improved Arithmetic Optimization Algorithm and Its Application to the Intelligent Inversion of Hydrogeological Parameters
    XU Zhenhao, FAN Yonghui, WANG Wenyang, DONG Weijie, SHEN Yanjun, PAN Dongdong
    2024, 32(3): 721-739. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.007
    Abstract PDF
    Assessment of Flood Control Effectiveness of Green-Grey-Blue Infrastructure During Extreme Rainstorms:A Case Study of East-sha Lake Watershed
    LIU Yue, ZHANG Xiang, LIU Jie, GONG Li, GUI Haijiao
    2024, 32(3): 740-753. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.008
    Abstract PDF
    Future Projection of Spatial-temporal Changes of Hydro-Solar-Wind Power Generation Factors in Nine Major Basins of China
    YIN Dongqin, CHENG Dongxia, LI Xiang, LI Lu, ZHENG Cheng, HUANG Yuefei, WEI Jiahua
    2024, 32(3): 754-772. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.04.009
    Abstract PDF
    Preliminary Study on the Failure Mechanism of the Flexible Mattress Protection Beach Under the Water Flow Scouring Using Generalized Model
    WEI Xianglong, DAI Jiaqi, ZUO Liqin, LU Yongjun, YANG Hanyuan, LU Yan, HUANG Tingjie, LU Anping, YUAN Saiyu
    2024, 32(3): 773-786. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.010
    Abstract PDF
    Transport Characteristics and Driving Mechanism of Coarse and Fine Grained Sediment from Three Gorges Reservoir to Downstream of Dam
    WANG Chenyang, YANG Yunping, ZHENG Jinhai, ZHU Lingling, WANG Jianjun, YANG Shengfa
    2024, 32(3): 787-800. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.011
    Abstract PDF
    Sensitivity and Contribution Rate Analysis of Multiple Factors Affecting Runoff Change in the Upper Huaihe River
    MENG Yu, XU Wenjing, GUAN Xinjian, YAN Denghua
    2024, 32(3): 801-812. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.012
    Abstract PDF
    Study on 3D Simulation Model of Thermal Conductivity for Soils Based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology
    WANG Enliang, REN Zhifeng, JIANG Haiqiang, LIU Chengqian, LI Yuang, ZHENG Zhijia
    2024, 32(3): 813-823. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.013
    Abstract PDF
    Seismic Performance Simulation and Analysis of Fujian Typical Stone Structure Reinforced by UHPC Stone Wallinfilled Joints
    SHI Weidan, SHI Jianri, LIN Huanzhou, GENG Li, LING Tingting, WU Yingxiong, WANG Hao
    2024, 32(3): 824-838. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.014
    Abstract PDF
    Probabilistic Model for Equivalent Plastic Hinge Length of Reinforced Concrete Columns Considering Uncertainties
    YU Bo, LI Shaonan, YU Zecheng, ZHANG Qiang
    2024, 32(3): 839-849. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.015
    Abstract PDF
    Experimental Study on Strain Rate Effect of Basalt Fiber-reinforced Soil
    NIU Weiwei, LIU Jiankun, ZHENG Yuanyuan, REN Zhifeng
    2024, 32(3): 850-859. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.016
    Abstract PDF
    Probability Distribution and Recommended Value of Steel Fiber Impact Coefficient in the Tensile Zone of Reinforced Concrete Beams
    HUANG Yunchao, GAO Danying, ZHU Haitang, FANG Dong, DING Chong
    2024, 32(3): 860-874. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.017
    Abstract PDF
    Analysis and Calculation of Passive Earth Pressure of Vertical Layered Soil
    LIU Guangxiu, DANG Faning, SONG Jingyu
    2024, 32(3): 875-887. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.018
    Abstract PDF
    Damage and Degradation Mechanism of Granite After Thermal Treatment by Grain-Based Model
    TIAN Wenling, XU Jie, YANG Shengqi, SUN Bowen
    2024, 32(3): 888-899. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.019
    Abstract PDF
    Dynamic Strength Characteristics and Microscopic Analysis of Silt Improved by Xanthan Gum
    ZHANG Junran, YANG Zheng, JIANG Tong
    2024, 32(3): 900-909. DOI: 10.16058/j.issn.1005-0930.2024.03.020
    Abstract PDF